TSA stopped a traveler after finding a toilet-paper ‘gun’ in his bag

TSA agents at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport were prepared to give a traveler crap when they spotted a revolver in his carry-on bag. But upon closer inspection, what they thought was a gun was really a gun-shaped toilet paper holder.

“Yes, this most unusual revolver was not designed to spin bullets,” TSA joked in a press release on Thursday. “It was designed to spin toilet paper.” The “realistic replica gun” triggered an alarm when the bag it was in went through an X-ray machine.
“TSA does not permit travelers to bring real or replica firearms through a checkpoint,” the agency said. “However, it would have been ideal to pack this pistol in a checked bag.”
According to TSA, passengers are not permitted to bring real or fake firearms through security checkpoints. The man was given a few choices: return the item to his vehicle, put it in a checked bag, give it to a friend who wasn’t traveling, or surrender it to TSA. He chose to surrender it, TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein told CNN. Travelers who follow the rules will have an easier time rolling through security.
Per: CNN
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