Fenty Releases A Soft Drop Just In Time For The Holidays

Bright colors for the holidays? Count us in.

If your inbox is not already flooded with Holiday party invites, consider yourself lucky. This gives you a few more weeks to start shopping for the festive functions this season. While Holiday looks usually feature hues of dark colors, we are seeing this winter take on a bright florescent aesthetic that we arenโ€™t too mad at. Early this week, celebrities hit the Peopleโ€™s Choice Awards in pops of green and pink, letting us know, summer colors arenโ€™t dead.

Just in time before the Holiday browsing begins, Fenty continues the Maisonโ€™s See-Now-Buy-Now retail model. Release 11-19 is, โ€œinspired by the everyday style of powerful women, who are as comfortable in their softness as they are in strength, redefining femininity according to their own instincts and ideas.โ€ This new drop features a soft aesthetic of green and tan shades spearheading the collection. From versatile lingerie dresses to oversized hoodies, each Fenty drop continues to live within its inclusivity module. Much like many drops from the label, this comes as a surprise but, a good one indeed.

Release 11-19 also coincides with The Cameo collection which features a jewelry collection that includes Swarovski crystals and a profile of FENTY girl on a ring, a pair of earrings and a pendant which doubles up as a brooch or a hairpin.

The collection is now available at and at Selfridges from November 25th.

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