Starbucks relaxes dress code; employees say they’re now allowed to wear formerly banned accessory

Don’t be surprised if your Starbucks baristas start sporting some new facial accessories this week.

The coffee chain confirmed to Fox News that it has updated its dress code to allow employees, or “partners,” as Starbucks calls them, to “bring their whole selves to work.”

Starbucks did not specify what, exactly, it was changing about its current dress code policy, but reports indicate that baristas will now be allowed to wear one facial piercing of their choosing, but no larger than a dime, according to documents reportedly obtained by Business Insider.

Starbucks’ former policy allowed only earrings, small earplugs, or a small nose stud, according to the last Dress Code Look Book.

Starbucks employees on Twitter began circulating the news after apparently learning of the new dress code through work; however, some understood the biggest change to mean that septum piercings — or jewelry worn between the dividing wall between the nostrils — were now allowed.

Starbucks, meanwhile, has yet to confirm the exact language from the new guidelines.

“We believe the Starbucks Experience is best delivered when partners can bring their whole selves to work,” a Starbucks spokesperson said to Fox News. “Based on partner feedback, we have simplified our resources and approach to dress code to provide more clarity and make it easier for partners to select their wardrobe for work.”

Starbucks last relaxed its dress code in 2016, allowing partners to wear dark or “subdued” colors and muted patterns, as opposed to just solid black or white. The last iteration also lists that hair could be dyed any color so long as it’s “clean, brushed and kept back from the face.” Tattoos, too, are allowed, if they’re not seen on the face or neck, and don’t “contain obscene, profane, racist, sexual, or objectionable words or imagery.”

Starbucks’ latest policy is said to have gone into effect on Monday, Dec. 2, according to employees on social media.

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