Richard Sherman’s $1 million Pro Bowl bonus was wife Ashley’s idea during 49ers talks

As the San Francisco 49ers and Richard Sherman engaged in contract negotiations in March 2018, the two sides made significant progress before talks stalled. 

Richard Sherman’s $1 million Pro Bowl bonus was wife Ashley’s idea during 49ers talks.

Ashley Moss Sherman was the one who suggested inserting an annual $1 million Pro Bowl bonus in the three-year, $39 million contract her husband and the 49ers eventually agreed upon. The incentive set the path for the two sides to finish the deal, which occurred one day after the Seattle Seahawks released him. 

And when Sherman earned his fifth Pro Bowl honor this week, he had one person in particular to thank for the extra cash. 

“(The 49ers) wanted some security and we wanted some security,” Sherman told reporters, per NBC Sports Bay Area. “And they were like ‘If you’re the player that we know you are then it’ll work out. The incentives will come into play and you’ll make the money you deserve to make.’ But I said ‘If I do that I still won’t have any security for the next year.’Click to expand

“And my wife was like, ‘Well, why don’t you just make the Pro Bowl and the things that trigger him to get those incentives, guaranteeing his next year’s deal? Because if he’s making the Pro Bowl or he’s making All-Pro, it means he’s playing like the player you guys thought he was, and it should work our perfectly.'” 

That was good enough for the 49ers, and the two sides had an agreement.

By making the Pro Bowl, Sherman will also receive a raise for the 2020 season, the final year on the contract. Additionally, his salary for next season becomes fully guaranteed. 

As for what he’ll do with the $1 million? Sherman won’t be seeing a dime of it, he said. 

“It’s getting invested in something that gives me a decent return,” Sherman said. “So the kids will end up having it to enjoy. I don’t get to spend it.”

Per: MSN Sports

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