Fire Place and Red Sexy Booties & Pumps !

Love is a fire.

Sometimes it may warm your heart or burn down you house.  But never be afraid of it.

Red Vince Camuto Booties

The Power Of Red Shoes

A woman who wears red shoes automatically sends a message of power and independence to the world.  Historically, red shoes have been the symbol for individuals in positions of power: In 1701, King Louis XIV, also  know as the humble moniker “the Sun King,” posed for a royal portrait wearing red heeled shoes.   At the time, red dye was very expensive and very difficult to come by, so you pretty much had to be a king to afford it.  Even the Catholic Pope, traditionally wore red leather loafers since at 1484, until Pope Francis gave them up for comfortable, brown orthopedic shoes.  Okay, I guess red shoes have technically been a symbol for men in positions of power, so you can only imagine what happens when a woman tries to claim a traditionally male power symbol.

Every holiday season designers from Miuccia, Prada to Steve Madden and Vince Camuto just to name a few, create festive red sequin pumps and boots that are a wink at ruby slippers.  In the case against Yves Saint Laurent in 2011, Louboutin isn’t laying claim to the color red.  He’s defending his use of the red outsoles that are the brand’s signature. Since the days when Sex and the City was a hit show on HBO, shoes have attained a cult-like status in this country, and buying expensive, high-fashion footwear is now considered a rite of passage for any aspiring fashion maven.

But really anyone can create a RED pump/boot as long as the quality is good.  Just knowing materials such as:  PU (polyurethane) sole, TPR (thermoplastic rubber) sole, Leather sole, Plastic sole and Sheet sole; plus knowing what material is best for the upper part of the shoes such as leathers, textiles, synthetics, rubber, foam and plastic, can assist in you making a shoe people will love and want regardless of the price.  Then the other important thing is to make the shoes comfortable at any heel height.  Don’t you just hate that if the shoe has a 4″ heel you have to pass on it, no matter how sexy the shoe is; me too.

Maybe I’ll get in the shoe making business, because I know a lot about what they are made of.  Brands like Louboutin, Miuccia, and Prada don’t take the time to make the shoes comfortable; they just focus on the style. (Lol)  Yea, some of my shoes are uncomfortable but stylist, and I love all of them regardless of how my feet feel after wearing them.  It’s not about comfort, it is about completing the LOOK with the best shoes.  I’m sure most of you ladies can relate. #ijs

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