Dua Lipa’s Carry-On Is Fashion’s Favorite—And Most Affordable—It Bag

Yesterday night, Dua Lipa—dressed in head-to-toe white, and resembling a chic Y2K-era disciple of Father Yod—landed at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport after a weekend trip to Miami with her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid. The British singer’s look included a button-up, a cropped ribbed polo, comfy high-waisted pants, and Prada sneakers. But the real cherry on top was the piece that punctuated that optic white get-up; namely, the huge, banana-yellow bag she toted along from New York’s buzzy designer, Telfar.

After all, this carryall isn’t just any bag: it’s the bag. After several seasons, it’s become Telfar’s go-to piece—beloved by Brooklyn kids and downtown folk alike. Its much-discussed popularity can be variously credited to the no-frills simple design; the you-gotta-be-in-the-know “T” logo; and of course, the fact that it won’t put a dent in your wallet. Currently, the specific piece Dua was sporting—titled “Large Yellow Shopping Bag”—is selling for the very reasonable price of $275.

What makes the Telfar bag cameo most interesting, however, is how it pays testament to Lipa’s style as a whole. As of late, the entertainer has been a stellar example of how an artist can mix smaller designers with Europe’s grandest and most heavy-hitting fashion houses. Alongside her glam-packed Versace dresses, or old Hollywood Miu Miu gowns, she’s worn bodysuits from buzzy French designer Marine Serre, colorful knits by the London-based Ashley Williams, and Jurassic Park-inspired boots from GCDS. Her (or her stylist’s) allegiance to lesser-known labels proves that, yes, Lipa has her finger on the pulse of what is coveted and cool, but she also wants to show off pieces that her fans can realistically buy.

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