NEW Honda e 2020 review | First drive | Autocar


I think its kinda cute…What do you think?

The 2020 Honda e is Honda’s first full battery electric vehicle. It’s compact on the outside – smaller than a Honda Jazz – and pretty compact on the inside, too. But it is quite funky in there, with two 12in digital displays as well as a full digital instrument pack and, as standard, rear view cameras instead of conventional door mirrors. With a 35.5kWh battery within its short wheelbase, it’s relatively light for a BEV. A little over 1500kg is heavy for a car of supermini size, but it’s light for a BEV. The downside is that, unlike cars like a Volkswagen ID3 or a Nissan Leaf, the Honda e has a relatively small battery and therefore a limited range. It should drive well, though. The motor is at the back which allows a tight turning circle and a steering system with no torque steer, while there is four-wheel independent suspension thanks to MacPherson struts all around, which promise a lively driving experience. Join Autocar’s editor-at-large Matt Prior for our Honda e first drive review, and don’t forget to keep coming back to Autocar’s channel and find us at New videos are uploaded to Autocar each week.

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