Commissioner Omari Hardy Goes In On Florida Mayor For Forcing Residents To Pay Their Light Bills Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Whew! The coronavirus pandemic has called for government officials to pull out all the stops to ensure that residents from city to city and state to state are able to live as normally as possible.

And while business are closing, residents have voiced concerns over fears of being unable to pay their bills. Many states are taking necessary steps to ensure residents till have access to utilities despite their ability to pay their bill.

Florida Mayor Pam Triolo, however, has yet to follow suit. During a messing amongst Florida officials, things got very heated between the Mayor and Commissioner Omari Hardy, after he called all the leaders out for forcing residents to pay to turn their lights back on in their homes.

Commissioner Hardy’s emotional reaction to the mayor’s choice not to put similar policies into place can only be describes by him as her “failing to act”.

“We cut off people’s utilities this week and made them pay what could’ve been their last check to us, to turn their lights on in a global health pandemic,” she yells. “But you don’t care about that, but every other year you go around and beg people for their votes.”

The mayor continues to call the commissioner disrespectful, and asserts that she “didn’t do anything”. All the while, the commissioner calls her out for not closing beaches and not banning large gatherings, which is putting people at risk for spreading the virus.

Per: TSR

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