R&B singer Pleasure P tried to pull the ol’ don’t-you-know-who-I-am card on cops during his drive-thru arrest earlier this month … and it completely backfired.

TMZ’s obtained bodycam footage of the former Pretty Ricky member’s arrest in Miami Gardens … and it shows him combative with cops as they try to sort out the incident at a Checker’s drive-thru that triggered his arrest for simple battery.

As you can see in the video … cops make every effort to get PP to calm the hell down. At one point, you can see a cop approaching Pleasure P and you can hear the singer say, “I’m Pleasure P” before a cop fires back, “I don’t care who you are.”

The singer scoffed at the idea he’d be arrested because he said he had a lot to lose … and for good measure, brought up the fact he’s part of the Millennium Tour featuring tons of other 90s artists.

At one point, you see the fast-food employee in question being interviewed by cops, and she gets into a shouting match with Pleasure P. Ya gotta watch the video until the end … ’cause it’s hilarious when, out of nowhere, an Uber Eats driver shows up, and cops weren’t having it.

As we first reported … Pleasure P allegedly shoved the employee in the chest with his bag of food through the drive-thru pickup window after a mix-up with his order. He denied throwing the food at her … but according to the police report, cops say other employees corroborated their coworker’s story.

Pleasure P insisted he was wrongfully arrested.

Per: TMZ

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