Dunkin’ Is Looking for 25,000 New Employees—Plus More Food Chains That Are Hiring Right Now

Dunkin’ is on the hunt for thousands of new employees.

The coffee and donut chain, which has largely remained open amid the coronavirus pandemic, has announced that as more states continue with the process of reopening, franchises around the country are looking to hire up to 25,000 new employees.

To help fill the positions, the company launched its “first-ever national advertising campaign aimed at recruitment” on Monday.

“Dunkin’ is committed to keeping America running and working. We are proud to support our franchisees who offer much-needed job opportunities, in a welcoming environment where people can feel appreciated and rewarded for serving both customers and their communities during this critical time,” Stephanie Lilak, Dunkin’ Brands’ Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, said in a press release.

The company also announced a new partnership with Southern New Hampshire University, “to offer an online college education to franchise employees.”

Of course, Dunkin’ isn’t the only restaurant chain that’s hiring right now.

Papa John’s, which has seen delivery sales continue to increase as restaurants around the country have shut their doors, announced in March that they were looking to hire 20,000 restaurant team members, including customer service representatives, cashiers, pizza chefs, drivers, assistant managers, and manager-level positions — and ramping up the interview process in order to get new employees on board as soon as possible.

Pizza Hut and Domino’s also announced in March that they expected to hire thousands of new workers.

As millions of Americans continued to file for unemployment last month, a number of additional chains also put out the call for new employees.

Taco Bell announced that over the course of the summer, they plan to welcome 30,000 additional team members, while stressing the safety precautions they’ve put in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

“During these tough times, we want job-seekers to know that we’re hiring and we’re safe,” Taco Bell’s Chief People Officer Kelly McCulloch said in a press release.

Meanwhile Raising Cane’s, which did not close the majority of its 500 locations, shared that not only were they opening three new locations, they were also hiring 5,000 new employees.

Chipotle is also looking to hire 10,000 new team members.

As restaurants, offices and stores have begun welcoming back workers and customers, the unemployment rate in the country has continued to fall, although numbers remain high.

The U.S. Department of Labor announced Thursday that more than 1.5 million workers applied for unemployment benefits during the week ending June 6, a decrease from the previous week, when 1.9 million claims were filed.

Per: People

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