First Stream: New Music From David Guetta & Sia, More

The Song To Play Your Romantic Partner Mid-Quarantine:
David Guetta & Sia, “Let’s Love”

“During this time of isolation, I’ve been incredibly inspired to release music that has an uplifting energy,” David Guetta said of his new Sia collaboration in a press statement. After linking up for “Titanium,” one of the biggest hits of both of their careers, Guetta and Sia have reunited to spread joy during a tumultuous time: “Let’s Love” is an ‘80s-inspired workout with the type of lyrics that could be easily refashioned into motivational catchphrases. Sia sells the encouragement, though, with her sturdy voice declaring “This too shall pass!,” and anchoring the track as Guetta’s synths sprint alongside her. Fire this one up on your workout playlist, or present it to your significant other as a reminder that, don’t worry, quarantine won’t last forever.

The Song That Will Have You Grabbing a Cup To Toast:
Florida Georgia Line, “Long Live”

These are among the things that the Florida Georgia Line guys honor with a raised glass on the chorus of “Long Live”: small town folks, hard workers, dirt roads, longneck bottles, women in cut-up jeans, and of course, “nights like these.” The latest from FGL is a celebration of a simple way of life, but it’s a relatable anthem for anyone who’s stayed up too late toasting life’s minor miracles, regardless of one’s affinity for “that old-school Haggard and Hank.” Give credit to Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard for blending the authentic details of their upbringing with a sense of universal wonder — it’s what Florida Georgia Line has always done, and no doubt they’ll find more success with their latest sing-along.

The Song That Will Inspire a Dance Break In Your Living Room:
Major Lazer & Mr Eazi feat. Nicki Minaj & K4MO, “Oh My Gawd”

Major Lazer has spent the majority of its career trying to make the world feel a little less big: roaming the planet to bring disparate styles together, Diplo and co. have been able to demonstrate that killer rhythms can snap language barriers. That’s once again evident on “Oh My Gawd,” in which they recruit Nigerian superstar Mr Eazi, American hip-hop queen Nicki Minaj and U.K.-based newcomer K4MO and request that they throw a three-minute dancehall party. The result of the artist pile-up is seamless enough, with Minaj barging in midway through to deliver an efficient guest verse in patois, while Mr Eazi takes center stage to extend a fruitful professional year.

The Album That’s Captivating In Its Rage:
Marilyn Manson, We Are Chaos

Marilyn Manson has spent the better part of the past decade working towards an album like We Are Chaos, sublimating the thrills of his late-90s heyday into a product that displays his songwriting panache without defanging his image. There is anger and shock within We Are Chaos, but Manson doesn’t let them spin in place: songs like the title track and new single “Don’t Chase The Dead” pair his lyrical wit (“In the end we all end up in a garbage dump / but I’ll still be here, holding your hand,” he sings) with soaring melodies, while “Infinite Darkness” is the type of atmospheric dread that made Manson a star. Released close to the 20-year anniversary of his seminal Holy Wood album, Manson has made another pitch-black keeper.

The Song With a Deliciously Familiar Melody:
Daddy Yankee, Anuel AA & Kendo Kaponi, “Don Don”

On your first listen to the new reggaeton summit “Don Don,” you may ask yourself, “…Is that a Sisqo interpolation?” Indeed, Daddy Yankee — who scored a hit last year with “Con Calma,” which revived “Informer” and featured Snow himself — has once again turned back time on “Don Don,” in which his pal Anuel AA sings the “Thong Song” melody during the chorus. It’s a nifty gimmick, but “Don Don” is more beguiling than its familiar hook: Daddy Yankee is a stick of dynamite on the track, his flow compact and rewarding (keep your ears peeled for a nod to the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance), and his intensity balancing out Anuel’s suave demeanor as they both invite listeners to the dance floor in their own way.

Per: Billboard

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