Queenie’s Fall/Winter Closet

Drooling over the outfits you see from expensive luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Versace and more on social media is basically a pastime.

Stop drooling! Let’s create those looks with affordable fashion.

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How To Be More Stylish

Wearing the same outfit the same way each time is boring. There are few tips which can give you a quick fix while choosing what to wear every day, without spending much on your wardrobe. You need items in your closet you can use to layer and have fun with. For example, you should haveContinue Reading


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Winter White -vs-Summer White

Question: Someone asked me, “Whats the is difference between winter white and summer white?” SUMMER WHITE. Summer fabrics are made of lightweight materials such as mesh, linen, jersey and sheer fabrics.  But there are white clothes and shoes that can be worn in the winter.  I wear white year round as long as it keeps meContinue Reading

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