Queenie’s Fall/Winter Closet

Drooling over the outfits you see from expensive luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Versace and more on social media is basically a pastime.

Stop drooling! Let’s create those looks with affordable fashion.

See below Queenie’s Closet Blogs

Color Block Trends

Rainbow colors will instantly catch the eye and draw attention to you. But you want to make sure you are choosing pieces correctly. How do you embrace the color blocking trend without looking like a walking color wheel? Well, we all know that fashion loves boldness, creativity and experiments. The main rule of color blocking isContinue Reading

Camo Look for Spring

Will camo ever go out of style? I keep thinking it’s going to die off, but it just keeps coming back stronger each season. Most people think camo is very casual, but actually it can be dressed up in such a cute way! Below is something I styled up to wear this spring! Now you areContinue Reading

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