Rent Is Still Due: Jeffree Star’s Ex Andre Marhold Shows Off His Massive Man Meat on OnlyFans

It was only a matter of time…

Andre Marhold, the former basketball pro and now infamous ex of Jeffree Star, has taken his ‘talents’ to OnlyFans.

We have to admit — it’s very, VERY, clear why Jeffree kept this man around for as long as he did.

If you’re just catching up, one day André popped up on the internet with beauty mogul Jeffree Star. Their relationship was quickly confirmed and everyone, including André’s baby mama, had something to say.

A few weeks later, Jeffree popped up in the caption of one of André’s Instagram photos accusing the man of stealing things from him and not answering the phone.

Jeffree then addressed their split, admitting that he “got a little played.”

Let’s just say…we’re sure Jeffree’s face wasn’t the only thing in that household getting beat to the gods! If you’d like to subscribe to Andre’s OnlyFans it’ll run you $20 a month.

Here’s a preview.

Per: LBS

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