Chilling Video Shows Moment Fearless Woman Rescues Terrified Child From Predator [Photo + Video]

The man insisted she was his little sister — but flees when she hysterically thanks her rescuer.

A chilling video circulating online shows the moment a terrified schoolgirl was rescued by a fearless witness.

The woman had witnessed the man snatch the girl in broad daylight on her way to school, and immediately rushed to her rescue.

The incredible video, shared by the rescuer’s sister, shows the woman filming with her cellphone as she makes her way along London’s rain-soaked streets towards a dark alley.

There she sees two figures — a man and a little girl — and roars “Let her go! What are you doing with her?”

“This is my sister, bruv, move,” he calls back. “Bruv, this is my family.”

He begins to walk away and the girl obediently goes with him, appearing to any other onlooker like they are siblings; but the woman knows what she saw, and presses after him.

“So what are you doing in the corner with her?” she asks, staying on his tail, and calling out to the girl: “Are you okay?”

The girl, being marched along by the man who has his arm around her shoulder, never makes a sound, but still the woman persists, finally catching up with them.

“Look, why are you f–kin stalking us bruv?” he says, again appearing like an irritated big brother — until he finally drops the charade and flees.

The seriousness of the situation immediately spills out as the terrified girl bursts into tears, barely decipherable as she desperately clutches her rescuer.

“I don’t know him I told him to stop I’m really scared I’m really scared!” she sobs. “I was trying to go to school thank you thank you thank you!”

The viral video was shared by the hero’s sister, who warned anyone with young daughters and sisters to be extra vigilant in the dark winter mornings.

“At 7:05am this morning, my little sister witnessed a man abducting a young girl whilst on her way to school. She noticed the man had his hands over her mouth whilst walking down Pitcairn Road (Mitcham) and was behaving in a strange manner.”

“She called and alerted my mum and sister who called police and left our house to attempt to find him. When they found him at North Place (Mitcham/Colliers Wood), he had put his coat on her and made her perform sexual acts on him.”

“As my sister approached him he tried to say that the girl was his sister but she persisted to follow him and eventually he ran way through Singleton Close towards Colliers Wood.”

“She didn’t manage to get a clear photo of his face and the police are currently searching for him but if you know anything please contact me or the police.”

A second video soon began circulating online: surveillance footage of the moment he ran up behind her on the street and grabbed her with a hand over her mouth.

Merton Police confirmed on Twitter they are hunting the suspect for the alleged rape, and released his picture.

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