Donald Trump Accidentally Introduces Lil Pump As ‘Little Pimp’ At Rally

Donald Trump Accidentally Introduces Lil Pump As ‘Little Pimp’ At Rally

Trump held a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan which went on into the early morning of Election Day. During his event, he took a moment to boast about a rapper who he couldn’t even remember his name.

“I love your sound, I love your music,” Trump told the crowd. “And speaking of sound and music and other things – one of the biggest superstars in the world… Lil Pimp!”

Trump later corrected his gaffe before [Lil Pump] joined him on stage to voice his support for the President. “Hello everybody how you guys feeling? I’ve come here to say Mr. President I appreciate everything you have done for our country. You brought the troops home and are doing the right thing. MAGA 202020 don’t forget that!” the Gucci Gang rapper said.

While Trump had Pump, Joe Biden campaigned with Lady Gaga in Pittsburgh Monday, where the singer condemned President Trump for remarks he has made about women. “Vote like your life depends on it, or vote like your children’s lives depends on it, because they do,” she told the audience.

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