Trump’s lead shrinking in Georgia and Pennsylvania, both still too close to call

NBC News rates the presidential races in Georgia and Pennsylvania as too close to call, but as votes continue to be counted the difference between the candidates in both states is shrinking. In the Peach State alone, under 4,000 votes currently separate the two.

As of 7 p.m., Trump and Biden are separated by one-tenth of a percentage point — 49.4 percent and 49.3 percent, respectively — with 99 percent of the vote reported. Roughly, 3,600 votes put Trump in the lead. As of 7:15 p.m., 18,936 votes are left to count in the state, according to the secretary of state. 

In Pennsylvania, the candidates are separated by roughly one percentage point – 49.8 percent for Trump and 48.9 for Biden — with 94 percent of the vote in. Pennsylvania’s secretary of state told reporters on Thursday that the majority of the votes there could be completed by Friday. There are several hundred thousand ballots need to be counted, which are largely mail-in ballots. 

In North Carolina, Trump leads by a bit over a percentage point with 95 percent of the vote in. In Arizona, Biden leads by two percentage points with 87 percent of the vote in. And in Nevada, Biden leads by just under a percentage point with 89 percent of the vote tallied.

Per: NBC

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