Biden campaign tells staffers to ‘enjoy this moment’

A top Biden aide said not to expect to hear from Joe Biden until Friday in prime time, assuming the race is called by then.  

Per this aide, Biden is expected to focus his address on themes that have driven his whole campaign: “Unity, healing, coming together as a nation, being a president for all Americans.” 

The Biden campaign held its usual communications staff call earlier Friday, led by Communications Director Kate Bedingfield. One person on it says that where she’s been reserved these last few days, the vibe Friday morning was “we did it.”

Staffers had previously been told, “don’t watch the news, keep your head down, do the work.” But Friday morning, they were told: “This is the moment when you should be watching the news. They did the work, now enjoy this moment.”

For a campaign staff that has tried to be reserved these last 48+ hours, this feels like a breaking of the emotional dam.

Per: NBC

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