Megan Thee Stallion’s Alleged Sister Blasts Her For Neglecting Her Nephew and Family

You know what they say — more money, more problems….and Megan Thee Stallion has been dealing with some pretty serious problems this year.

Now, her alleged sister is accusing the rapper of abandoning her family.

via Ace Showbiz:

The woman posted on Instagram a photo of the San Antonio-born star holding a baby girl while holding a milk bottle to feed her. In the caption, the woman wrote, “It’s funny you only Held ya niece one time and never saw ya nephew once.”

She continued, “It’s crazy how you can do more for someone’s else’s kids that’s rich already but can’t keep it real with ya on blood.” Making sure the “Savage” hitmaker gets the message, she tagged her Instagram account @theestallion.

It appears that the woman was enraged after learning of the news that Megan recently gifted a young fan with a PS5. In a video she posted on her page a few days earlier, the young boy named Riley can’t stop jumping on the sidewalk as he was clearly elated after someone delivered the latest edition of the video game console to him.

Megan captioned the video, “I had to get my hardboy yungin a ps5 we getting rich togetherrrr yeaaaa @rileynumber9.”

Megan has not responded to her alleged sister’s claim, but the accusation arrives after the 25-year-old star recently shared her excitement about the upcoming holiday season. Sharing a throwback video from last year’s Christmas in which she danced in what looks like the kitchen with her female pal or relative while holding a camera, she wrote in the caption, “I can’t wait to go home for the holidays this was last Christmas in Htx.”

Megan’s spoken publicly about being mindful of who her friends are and who to keep in her circle — and we hope she’s applying that same discernment to (alleged) family members. Just because they’re family, doesn’t mean they need to remain in your life.

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