UPDATE: Woman Who Drove Into NYC Protesters Receives A Desk Ticket

The woman who was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment after running over a group of protesters in NYC was given a desk appearance ticket.

NYPD officers reported Kathleen Casillo,50,  was issued the paperwork hours after her arrest and released. She is expected to appear back in court on Feb.22. We previously reported that Casillo was captured on video running over a group of protesters in Manhattan and she claims they were banging on her car before the incident.

If she is convicted, Casillo faces up to a year in jail. The six protesters who were hit suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

One of the protesters told the New York Post that officers allowed Casillo to take her time without immediately arresting her.

“The outrage we feel lies not just in the fact that the woman drove her car into a group of people and actually accelerated, but that police later allowed her to stand there for an extended period of time without even handcuffing her, We are very concerned that neither the mayor of New York City, the governor or the NYPD is taking the threat of white supremacist terrorists and their sympathizers seriously enough.”

Per: Hollywood Unlocked

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