Word to the wise … intentionally coughing into a crowded elevator can result in bodily harm — as proven in this surveillance footage of said cougher catching an ass-whooping.

This video’s crazy … the pandemonium started when a man tried to get into an elevator car that already had 3 passengers. Someone inside appeared to signal to the fourth guy to wait for another ride … ’cause in a pandemic, three’s definitely a crowd.

He initially seemed okay with waiting, but as the doors began to close … he hopped onboard, and tempers started to flare. The 4th wheel guy started getting the business, verbally, from another passenger — but decided to respond by pulling down his face mask and intentionally coughing.

That’s what ya call the last straw, and as soon as the elevator doors opened again … the brawl was on!!! The cougher got beat down, and dragged out of the elevator … where he was forced to wait for another one to arrive.

Probably what he should have done in the first place.

As we’ve seen over the last 9 months — keep your coughing to yourself, whether it’s on people, or even grocery produce.


Per: TMZ

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