Italian Dad Cuts Kids’ Throats During Christmas Visit

Italian Dad Cuts Kids’ Throats During Christmas Visit

An Italian father who was watching his kids over the Christmas holidays slit their throats in a horrific murder-suicide.

The Sun reports that Alessandro Pontin, 49, slit the throats of Francesca, 15, and Pietro, 13. He had apparently been arguing with his ex-wife over child support payments and was having a difficult time being a carpenter. The children’s mother requested more than the 100 euros a month he was giving them because she was financially struggling as a nurse and mom.

Pontin had attacked the kids and they tried to escape, but he caught up to them and slit their throats before killing himself. The kids’ mom was taken to the hospital to be treated for shock.

Their grandfather, Aldo Cazzarotto said, “Not even a beast kills its own children like that. But what man was this?

“I used to pick them up from school every day because my daughter works. They used to eat with me and my wife. How can we live without them?” he added.

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