Shocking Bodycam Shows Cop Shoot Unarmed Black Man Within Ten Seconds Of Encounter

Sickening bodycam video shows a police officer in Columbus, Ohio, fatally shooting an unarmed black man within ten minutes of meeting him.

Officer Adam Coy responded at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday to a non-emergency call about a man who was reportedly turning a car on and off.

Andre Maurice Hill, 47, came out of a garage with his phone in his hand and approached the officers to see what was going on. Despite Coy failing to turn his bodycam on, it was triggered and showed him opening fire on Hill, just six seconds after he came into the frame.

There is no audio as the camera was not turned on. This would have been vital because it is not clear if Coy yelled any commands at Hill. There were no weapons found.

Hill was dying on the ground for minutes before anyone on the scene rendered aid. He later died at the hospital.

Police Chief Thomas Quinlan said that it was “a tragedy on many levels. Most importantly, life has been lost.”

Coy, who is a 17-year veteran, has been relieved of duty, but due to the union, he will still be paid.

“In this case the chief of police directly observed what he believes to be potential critical misconduct and is taking an intervening action of relief of duty until a disciplinary investigation can be completed,” said Glenn McEntyre, a rep for the city’s Department of Public Safety.

According to Heavy.com, Coy a history of complaints about excessive use of force and policy violations, including not properly using his bodycam or in-car cameras.

Per: HollywoodUnlocked

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