Amazon Offers Virtual Tours Around The World Due To Not Being Able To Travel During Pandemic

Amazon recently launched a new service called Amazon Explore. The digital platform will allow customers to book live, virtual events. The forum will consist of learning DIY skills, virtual tours, and shopping.

According to Amazon, the virtual experiences are guided by local experts they trained. Amazon Explore gives consumers a one-on-one session with the host. The Explore experience is an invite-only platform for U.S. customers. Each session ranges from 30 to 60 minutes. To access the session, customers will have to sign in to their Amazon account online. Customers must view sessions from a  laptop or desktop.

Customers can visit and purchase from local stores. Amazon will process payments directly through their secure payment system. According to Amazon, the new platform will allow small business owners to generate additional income. Shop owners, local guides, chefs, stylists, artists, and artisans, are all eligible to load services onto the platform. The platform currently holds 86 experiences in 16 countries.

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