Hotel Karen Assaults Black Teen And His Father After She Accuses Them Of Stealing Her iPhone

A Black father says he and his teen son were preparing to eat breakfast at an NYC hotel when a white woman accused them of stealing her phone and assaulted the boy.

Musician Keyon Harrold and his 14-year-old son were staying at the Arlo Hotel in SoHo when an unidentified white woman approached them about her phone and assumed they stole it. After she accused them of theft, Herrold pulled out his cellphone and recorded the encounter.

­In the following Instagram caption, he wrote, “The lady in this video assaulted my 14-year-old son and me as we came down from our room in the @arlohotels Arlo Soho to get breakfast.  This person quote on quote “lost” her iPhone,  and apparently, my son magically acquired it, which merely ridiculous. This incident went on for five more minutes, me protecting my son from this lunatic.  She scratched me; she Tackled and grabbed him. He is a child!!! Now watch it again. This lady is not even a guest at the hotel. She checked out of the hotel on the 23rd of December; today is the 26th.”

Additionally, the situation was quickly resolved after an Uber driver dropped off the woman’s phone a few minutes after. Harrold said the moment has traumatized his son.

“Now watch as the manager advocates for the lady who is not even a hotel guest,  insisting and attempting to use his managerial authority to force my son to show his phone to this random lady. He actually empowered her!!! He didn’t even consider the fact we were actually the guests!  Now think about the trauma that my son now has to carry, only coming downstairs to have box day brunch with his dad.  Then… her phone was magically returned by an Uber driver a few minutes after this incident. No apology from her after this traumatic situation to my son, not me. No apologies from the establishment.  This shit happens so often. It needs to stop!!! If anyone recognizes this person, please tag or DM.”

As of now, Arlo Hotels has yet to release a statement regarding the violent encounter or addressing an apology to Harrold and his son.

Per: Hollywoodunlocked

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