Oklahoma Special Education Teacher Charged For Allegedly Raping Student

Andee Lantz, a 26-year-old Oklahoma special education teacher has been charged for allegedly raping a 16-year-old student. On December 18, Lantz was arrested and allegedly admitted to law enforcement that she had sex with the teenage boy on two or three occasions.

A probe began after a student at Carnegie Public Schools began circulating a nude photo of Lantz. Once confronted by the schools’ superintendent, Lantz and the teenager denied allegations of inappropriate happenings. At a later date, Lantz ended up confessing, claiming the relationship began after a homecoming game as the two were “riding around.. and [the student] leaned in and kissed her, and it went from there.”

It’s believed that at least one of the sexual trysts took place at Lantz’s home. In the state of Oklahoma, 16 is the legal age of consent, however, sexual relationships between students and teachers are illegal in the state, despite being of legal age. In mid-November, Lantz resigned and now she is currently on $15,000 bond, facing second-degree rape charges. Her next hearing is set for March 12.

Per: Hollywood Unlocked

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