Air travel tracker: How many people are flying in the U.S.?

Fewer people have flown since March 2020, however, that number has increased in recent months, alongside an increase in Covid cases and deaths.

Image: Travel Increases Ahead Of Christmas Holiday

The pandemic has pounded air travel.

And while the holidays brought a bump, airlines expect 2021 to be a balancing act between pandemic safety and business interests.

Despite the CDC warning Americans to avoid Thanksgiving travelmillions did anyway. And despite CDC recommendations to celebrate the holidays with those you live with, millions more traveled around Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The chart below tracks how many people pass through TSA checkpoints daily, amid continued high numbers of Covid-19 deaths and cases, and as the country’s vaccination program unfolds.

With the coronavirus outbreak taking hold in the U.S., thousands of flights have been canceled — but on Sunday, there were still 2,800 planes in the air, according to aviation site

Passengers have largely avoided airplanes since March 2020, with data from the Transportation Security Administration showing the number of people passing through checkpoints far below pre-pandemic levels:

Per: NBC

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