Skier rescued after dangling from chairlift in harrowing video

A skier who slipped off a chairlift and was dangling by her jacket was rescued at a mountain in upstate New York in a nerve-wracking scene captured on video.

An unidentified woman is seen in the video hanging from a chairlift at Bristol Mountain in Canandaigua as rescuers gather underneath her with catch tarps.

She then lets go and plummets into the tarps to be safely rescued. She did not suffer any injuries, officials at the ski resort told Spectrum News.

The rescue was caught on video by skier Jacklyn Hoch, who told Storyful she was about to get in line for the chairlift when she saw the woman hanging there for more than two minutes.

The tense scene comes two weeks after fashion designer Rachel Zoe shared that her son, Skyler, 9, fell 40 feet off a ski lift on Dec. 20.

Zoe wrote on her Instagram Stories that her son was caught by rescuers from the ski patrol to prevent any major injuries. The boy said in a video posted by Zoe that he was just sore and would be fine.

Per: NBC

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