What many suspected as to why a throng of Trumpers infiltrated the U.S. Capitol Wednesday seems to finally be confirmed straight from one of the “revolutionaries” … who had a hippy-dippy explanation while rubbing pepper spray outta her eyes.

A woman — Elizabeth from Knoxville, TN — did a quick on-camera interview Wednesday amid all the chaos in D.C. … where lawmakers were thwarted by an invasion as they tried to certify Joe Biden‘s victory.

She explains she made it about a foot or so inside the building before being pushed out … and then getting a heavy dose of mace to the dome, which forced her to retreat.

When asked why she was trying to get in — Liz here tearfully gives it to the cameraman straight with a no-duh response … “We’re storming the Capitol, it’s a revolution!” Her guy friend carries her off afterward.

It might seem like an obvious answer, but honestly … hearing it just confirms how insane this whole thing is, and what sort of state of mind some of these folks are in.

Of course, the Capitol was put on a full lockdown and members of Congress were evacuated as protesters breached the doors and had their run of the place for a while … including in different chambers of Congress as well as in offices of politicians, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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