New Jersey ‘Karen’ Charged With Harassment After Tormenting Black Woman With N-Word

New Jersey ‘Karen’ Charged With Harassment After Tormenting Black Woman With N-Word

A Bayonne, New Jersey “Karen,” identified as 60-year-old Claudia Emanuele, has been charged with harassment after viciously tormenting a 40-year-old Black woman, attacking her with the n-word!

Bayonne Police Department officials say the incident began when Emanuele, a white woman, verbally attacked a mail carrier about mail arriving late, and once she saw her Black neighbor approaching, identified as Tameka Bordeaux, Emanuele then turned her attention to Bordeaux; who says she was “walking to the store” and decided to offer “neighborly advice” to Emanuele.

After Bordeaux was in close enough range, Emanuele immediately turned more aggressive and went off on a disgustingly racist and sexist tirade, spewing out racial slurs and following Bordeaux from “17th street to 21st street calling [her] every n-word in the book.” Bordeaux caught it all on video and is demanding for justice and an investigation. Since her video went viral, Bayonne PD officials confirm Emanuele was charged with bias intimidation and harassment.

Per: HollywoodUnlocked

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