MIYA PONSETTO 2ND WILD DUI CAPTURED ON VIDEO‘Gang Members [are] Killing People Right Now!!!’

Miya Ponsetto‘s October DUI (the second such arrest in 4 months) was filmed by bystanders … and yes, it’s about as wild as we’ve come to expect, ending with this rant to cops: “There are gang members killing people right now and you’re arresting a girl?”

TMZ has obtained video of Miya’s arrest Oct. 3 in Ventura County — for which she was charged with DUI, resisting arrest and obstructing/delaying a peace officer or EMT — and the accusations against her seem pretty solid … because she was absolutely out of control.

An eyewitness tells us … the drama started when Miya and her mom, Nicole, stopped on the side of a road … screaming and cussing at each other while outside of their Range Rover.

The witness says she tried seeing if they needed help, but Miya got back in the car and demanded her mom do the same … at which point, the witness says they recklessly drove off. The witness called the cops and tailed them, fearing Miya might’ve been intoxicated by the way she was driving. Eventually, they all pulled into a gas station.

That’s where things hit the fan, especially when cops showed up. They attempted to detain Miya, who threw a fit the entire time … demanding to see a warrant, demanding to know what she’d done wrong, insulting the officers, squirming around to avoid cuffs … everything.

You can watch for yourself and make up your own mind — but her actions here are certainly in line with other behavior of hers on camera … be it at the Arlo Hotel or with Gayle King.

Cops say they eventually were able to get a reading on her blood alcohol level — .14, nearly twice the legal limit.

Remember, this is Miya’s second arrest — she was hit with the first DUI in Malibu (where she was also allegedly combative) back in May and pled no contest, so she was on probation. Getting arrested and charged with DUI could be enough for her to do jail time … not to mention her NYC case. BTW … there’s also a pending case where she was charged with being drunk in public at the Peninsula hotel in Bev Hills.

Of course, Miya’s now on the East Coast, where she faces a slew of charges for attacking Keyon Harrold‘s 14-year-old son and accusing him of stealing her phone. She was in Court Saturday for arraignment but did not enter a plea. She was then released from custody.

It’s interesting … the New York D.A. never mentioned the 14-year-old victim was Black. His parents and their lawyer, Ben Crump, were hoping that issue would be front and center.

Per: TMZ

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