Say What Now? Man Accidentally Pushes a Woman to Her Death While Trying to Take a Selfie

A horrific accident took place near Kanakunda in Odisha, India, earlier this month.

A woman identified as Nirupama Prajapati was trying to take a photo of herself near the edge of a turbulent river when a man — who was trying to do the same thing — lost his balance, slipped, and knocked her into the water.

Her friends captured the fatal accident on video.

Nirupama’s screams could be heard above the raging water as she fell and ultimately went beneath the surface.

According to India Today, the fire department and her family searched the water for 22 hours until they eventually found her body in a stone crevice, almost 500 yards from where she fell in.

You can see the shocking clip for yourself below.

Per: LoveBScott


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