Trey Songz Pokes Fun At Arrest After Released From Jail

AceShowbiz – Trey Songz seems to be unfazed by his recent arrest over a violent altercation with cop. After he was released from jail on Monday, January 25, the rapper took to Instagram to share a post which made a subtle reference to his latest run-in with the law.

In the said post, the star, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, shared a slide show of photos featuring him in a private jet, which apparently took him to Kansas City, Missouri prior to the eventful night. There are also pictures of him taken at the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Buffalo Bills game.

“Chiefs game was lit right?!” he wrote in the caption, which sounds more like a sarcastic comment on his arrest at the AFC Championship than an actual reference to the game itself.

Trey was taken into custody after he got into a scuffle with a cop at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, January 24. A video of the incident showed him struggling with the officer, who tried to pin him to a seat. The 36-year-old was seen trying to fight back, throwing a punch in the cop’s head before more cops arrived and managed to separate them.  See also…

According to eyewitnesses, the cop was the aggressor. It reportedly started when Trey was being heckled by some audience who sat a few rows behind him. The Petersburg native asked them to chill out, but the officer approached Trey and went after him without warning. Sources said Trey appeared to get caught off guard and tried to defend himself.

Meanwhile, Kansas City Police countered the claims as saying that the dust-up started because Trey refused to wear a mask in the stadium. KCPD told TMZ fans were complaining that Trey wasn’t following Arrowhead’s safety rules. When security was called, he allegedly still refused to comply and refused to leave the place.

That’s when police got involved and told him that he was under arrest. He reportedly punched an officer and put him in a headlock. Trey was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest, which are both misdemeanors. He’s also facing a low grade felony charge for assaulting a police officer.

However, one of the pictures shared by Trey on his latest Instagram post seems to contradict the police’s statement. In one photo, the “Heart Attack” hitmaker was seen wearing a mask while posing with security at the stadium.

Trey was released on Monday after a picture of him in jail surfaced online.

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