WHATTT!!! More to the Story: T.I. and Tiny Accused of Drugs, Violence, Kidnapping and More in Wake of Sabrina Petersen’s Allegations [Photos]

I have heard rumors for years about these two and other celebrities came out saying they had threesomes with T.I and Tiny before. Now, I don’t have a problem with couples doing them…however, once you start drugging people that’s a problem.

Sabrina Petersen isn’t done with T.I. and Tiny.

After she accused T.I. of putting a gun to her head earlier this week, Tiny came to her man’s defense.

Now, Sabrina is sharing allegations from anonymous women on her The Glam University Instagram account and they’re pretty damning.

In a series of conversations, allegations against T.I. and Tiny range from drugging unsuspecting women, kidnapping, physical violence, and more.

Take a look at a few (of many) screenshots from Sabrina below:

Considering Sabrina was close friends with T.I. and Tiny for years prior to these allegations, we’re not sure what to make of her bringing all this to light now. Either way, those are some serious allegations.

Per: LoveBScott

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