Dwayne Johnson with his daughters: See a softer side of ‘The Rock’

Dwayne Johnson is the father of three daughters, making him the ultimate girl dad. Seen here with his daughter Jasmine, “The Rock” shows he has a soft side when it comes to his daughters.

Instagram2 of 13Enlarge Imagethe-rock-daughters-family-8Johnson has a grown daughter named Simone with ex-wife Dany Garcia, so he’s no stranger to raising girls. Here, he’s seen putting together a puzzle with little ones Jasmine and Tiana, his daughters with wife Lauren Hashian.

Instagram3 of 13Enlarge Imagethe-rock-daughters-family-9His girls get some playtime in while hearing about “The Rock’s” battle scars.

Instagram4 of 13Enlarge Imagethe-rock-daughters-family-13His daughter Tiana doesn’t seem to trust her famously tough father to be delicate with her tangles.

Instagram5 of 13Enlarge Imagethe-rock-daughters-family-3Johnson has no problem doing anything it takes for a laugh from his girls.6 of 13Enlarge Imagethe-rock-daughters-family-11He’s always there to watch his daughters’ favorite movies, even if it is for “the 987th time.”

Instagram7 of 13Enlarge Imagethe-rock-daughters-family-14Johnson drops into a squatty while helping his daughter Tiana go potty.

Instagram8 of 13Enlarge Imagethe-rock-daughters-family-1His tea party with his daughter might just include something extra. “Daddy may have put a little nip of tequila in his tea, cos it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.”

Instagram9 of 13Enlarge Imagethe-rock-daughters-family-12Johnson trades picking up dumbbells for Barbies while playing with his daughter.

Instagram10 of 13Enlarge Imagethe-rock-daughters-family-7He joins his girls in the pool for a fun outdoor day.

Instagram11 of 13Enlarge Imagethe-rock-daughters-family-6His daughters show their love in return, making him a delicious pancake breakfast for Father’s Day in this photo.

Instagram12 of 13Enlarge Imagethe-rock-daughters-family-5He risks it all for some backyard fun. “Candy and sterility all in one swing,” he joked on Instagram.

Instagram13 of 13Enlarge Imagethe-rock-daughters-family-2He may be a bonafide action star, but raising girls seems to wipe Dwayne Johnson out.

Per: Page Six

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