Video shows chaotic daytime robbery at NYC Chanel store

Video obtained by The Post on Wednesday shows how four men raided a Chanel boutique during a brazen armed robbery in Lower Manhattan.

The group of crooks were filmed around 2 p.m. Tuesday frantically snatching dozens of designer bags from the shelves in the swanky Soho store.

“Move! Move!” someone shouted.

The footage showed two men holding open the store’s doors, while the others quickly grabbed the luxury goods, ignoring protests from other people inside.

The wild daytime hit unfolded after a store security guard warned the quartet that she was armed as they were trying to steal merchandise, police sources said.

In response, one of them showed her the butt of his gun and asked, “What are you going to do, shoot me?,” the sources said.

The robbers then started grabbing the handbags — making off with loot worth more than $160,000, according to police sources.


Four robbers stole more than $160,000 worth of merchandise at a Chanel boutique in Lower Manhattan.

William Farrington

The suspects were last seen taking off in a waiting vehicle, possibly an Audi with no license plates.

No arrests have been made.

Per: NYP

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