Let’s Chit Chat About FUR COATS, HATS and GLOVES

Fur attire has always sent the message of style and class.  Nevertheless, picking the right combination for the coat, hat and gloves could at times be very hard.  A fur coat can be warm and attractive without being the loudest apparel in the room.  While there is nothing wrong with eye-catching style, you must be eye-catching from the outside to the inside. (Lol)  Meaning when you take off your fur coat and hat you still have the jaw dropping effect.  Therefore, people do not wear fur apparel if you cannot create the same style and class on the inside. #ijs  I have seen it so often where a woman looks amazing in her fur apparel and then took it off and left me with a #wtf thought.  I am sure you all can relate to what I am saying, right? (Lol)  Anywhoo, let’s chitchat about the beautiful black fur coat I have on in the picture below.

Tag on the inside of my Fur Coat, need a translator (Lol)

You all are not going to believe the story behind this fur coat.  In 1982, the coat was purchased in Germany, not sure what city.  This beautiful fur coat was a gift from my favorite Aunt Veronica when I was thirteen.  Yep, you heard it right; I was thirteen years old.  Which makes this fur coat 36 years old.  Oops, did I just tell my age. (Lol)

It was always too big until I got in my 30’s.  Now it fits perfect.  I guess you can say I grew into it. However, the coat looks just like the day my aunt gave it to me; no rips, no missing fur and the leather has not cracked or pealed around the wrist/waist of the coat.  This is a real 100% “Rabbit Fur Coat” straight from Germany, the fifth largest country in Europe. (gave you a little history lesson Lol)  You really have to see it in person to see how beautiful it is.

100% “Rabbit Coat” from Germany / Fur hat & Gloves by Park Hurst / Jeans by Levi’s / Riding Boat by Nine West / Handbag below by Gianni Bini

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