Gorilla Glue challenge sends Louisiana man Len Martin to the ER

A Louisiana man who thought “Gorilla Glue Girl” Tessica Brown was “lying” ended up in the emergency room himself after he applied the powerful adhesive to his lip.

Len Martin, 37, said he tried out the Gorilla Glue challenge for himself after Brown to prove that it was “not as serious as she was trying to make it,” news station WKBN reported.

“I thought she was just playing around because I didn’t think it was that serious,” Martin told the outlet.

“I actually tried it out before and it actually didn’t do anything for me… So I was like, ‘Okay, she’s lying’ and there are all these challenges going on so I was like, ‘Okay I’m going to try it’ and it went backwards.”

The aspiring rapper then filmed himself gluing a Red Adhesive cup to his upper lip.

“I thought it could lick it off kind of to moisten it and pull it right off but that didn’t work.”

But he ended up in the emergency room, where he a doctor performed a “painful peeling.”

“This is definitely not one to try. Let’s just stop this now… It’s very harmful,” Martin said.

Martin thought previous Gorilla Glue victim Tessica Brown was “lying.”

Martin previously made headlines for participating in the icecream challenge in which he licked a carton at the supermarket and put it back.

But he denied that he pulled the latest stunt for attention.

“I would never want to stick no Gorilla Glue to my lip and have it stuck there and go through all the situations that I had to go through,” Martin said.

“I didn’t think it would go this far… You got Valentine’s Day coming up. I can’t even kiss my lip,” he continued.

Martin’s stunt comes after Brown, who is also from Louisiana, has had her hair stuck solid for a month after using the glue as hairspray.

After trying home remedies, she went to then went to St. Parish Hospital in Chalmette, where health workers tried using “little acetone packs.”

Brown has since raised on GoFundMe more than $20,000 for help getting out of her sticky situation — and reportedly has flown to California for treatment from plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng.

Per: NYP

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