Boston barber stabs himself with scissors in ‘very freak accident’

A Boston barber stabbed himself with scissors during a “very freak accident” while snipping a customer’s hair.

Steve Silva, 29, was giving a man a trim Friday at Boston Barber Company in Beacon Hill when he lost his balance and fell onto his scissors, narrowly missing his heart, the shop’s owner told The Post Wednesday.

“He made his way to the left side of the client’s head and he lost his footing and fell forward really fast and hard,” owner Robert Dello Russo said. “The shears were positioned directly toward his chest as he fell and it entered his chest cavity in the dead center of his chest.”

Silva struck an artery and immediately knew he was in trouble, Dello Russo said.

“As he popped back up, he realized what happened and he actually said out loud ‘I just stabbed myself,’” Dello Russo said. “He pulled the shears out of his chest himself and that’s when all the blood started pouring out. The hole was really big in his chest and the room filled up with blood really fast.”

Dello Russo, who wasn’t at the shop at the time, said a coworker scrambled to cut open Silva’s shirt and put pressure on the wound. A doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital later said Silva would’ve died had the shears pierced his heart just an inch away.

Silva later had open-heart surgery to close his wound and is expected to remain hospitalized for weeks, Dello Russo said.

“He’s stable, they moved him out of ICU,” he said. “He’s on the mend right now. They got him all stapled up, but he’s going to be there for at least two weeks.”

Silva, of Wilmington, had recently returned to work at the shop after being laid off for a second time due to slow business caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Dello Russo said.

A Boston barber stabbed himself with shears in a freak accident.

Police at first didn’t let employees clean up the blood left behind by the freak accident because the incident was reported as a stabbing, the owner said.

“That’s the craziest part of the whole thing,” Dello Russo recalled. “They didn’t let us clean up until we produced the video because the story isn’t even believable.”

An online fundraising campaign set up to offset Silva’s “very freak accident” had eclipsed $17,000 as of early Wednesday.

“He has a very long, excruciating road to recovery,” the website reads.

Video from inside the barbershop obtained by the Boston Globe shows a masked Silva walking around a customer before falling to his knees. One coworker rushes to his aid as the client looks on to see what happened. Minutes later, a team of paramedics took a bloodied Silva out of the shop, video shows.

The customer, Max Cohen, said he first thought Silva was fine after the unexpected fall.

“And then I realize he’s holding scissors and there’s blood on the floor and he goes, ‘Oh God, I just stabbed myself!’” Cohen told WHDH.

Despite the near-fatal mishap, Silva got in touch with Cohen to make sure he was happy with his new cut.

“He texted me, he just said thanks for everything,” Cohen said. “I asked him how he was doing. He said he was doing well … and then asked me if I got my haircut finished because he wasn’t quite done yet.”

Per: NYP

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