New video shows California cops fatally shoot black man after jaywalking stop

new video shows the fatal shooting of a black man after homeless outreach deputies stopped him for jaywalking in California last year.

The 12-minute clip — a combination of dashcam, cellphone and surveillance footage — shows two Orange County sheriff’s deputies watching 42-year-old Kurt Andras Reinhold on a sidewalk in San Clemente from their police cruiser.

“Watch this, he’s going to jaywalk,” one of the cops says as they pull up to Reinhold.

The other responds, “Don’t make case law.”

When the pair get out of their cruiser to approach the man, the dashcam footage doesn’t capture the interaction, but one of the cops can be heard asking, “Are you going to stop or are we going to have to make you stop?”

“For what?” Reinhold responds.

“For jaywalking,” the officer answers.

“What are you talking about? I’m walking,” an irritated Reinhold shoots back.

The man then calls the claim “ridiculous” and tells the officers to stop touching him.

Newly released video shows deputies confront a black man over alleged jaywalking before fatally shooting him in San Clemente.

Cellphone video captured by a witness from across the street shows the cops attempting to direct Reinhold back to the sidewalk.

The clip then shows the cops arguing with an increasingly aggravated Reinhold before tackling him to the ground.

At one point during the struggle, one of the cops yells “He’s got my gun” — prompting the other deputy to open fire, according to the department. Two shots can be heard in the cellphone footage.

According to KTLA, cops previously released a still photo from the Sept. 23 incident showing Reinhold’s hand near the gun, but it was unclear if he unholstered the gun.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is still investigating the shooting, the outlet reported.

Per: NYP

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