NFL teams are taking Deshaun Watson trade requests to Texans’ voicemails

Maybe teams can try sliding into the Texans’ DMs.

According to a NFL Network report, the Texans front office is so dug in that they are not taking phone calls from teams interested in acquiring Deshaun Watson.

Tom Pelissero reported that some teams have even “resorted to leaving voicemails with trade offers.”

Watson has officially requested a trade and said behind that scenes that he will never take another snap for the Texans again.

Houston’s latest attempt to persuade him was a meeting with new coach David Culley, but Watson’s stance remains unchanged.

Watson signed a four-year, $156 million extension last season, but has felt disrespected by the Texans not consulting him on key decisions, such as hiring Nick Caserio as GM.

This could drag on for some time, though.

A separate NFL Network report stated that the Texans don’t view the start of free agency (March 17) or the 2021 NFL Draft (April 29) as any sort of deadline to deal Watson.

And the report added that the teams who are interested in Watson —  the Jets, Dolphins and Panthers have been most prominently mentioned in the rumor mill — “don’t expect” Watson to be traded. That could have something to do with their phone calls going unanswered.

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