Teen TikToker allegedly murdered disabled sister day after going viral

A 14-year-old Pennsylvania girl who allegedly stabbed her disabled sister to death posted a now-viral Tiktok video before the murder — and her account has since been shut down, according to police and reports.

Claire Miller’s TikTok account was closed Thursday by the video-sharing app over a post she made the day before she allegedly stabbed her 19-year-old sister, Helen Miller, who had cerebral palsy and used a wheelchair.

Miller’s account, which is believed to be @spiritsandsuchconsulting, was flagged for violating the app’s “community guidelines,” which forbids users who “promote or are engaged in violence,” according to Business Insider.

It wasn’t immediately clear what the teen’s problematic TikTok video depicted, but screen shots from the time period reportedly show Miller venting about her father.

Miller was “hysterical” when she called 911 at around 1 a.m. on Monday, allegedly confessing “I stabbed my sister,” according to an arrest affidavit.

Cops rushed to the home and allegedly found Miller in blood-stained pants as she tried to wash her hands in the snow, according to police.

Claire Miller’s account, which is believed to be @spiritsandsuchconsulting, was flagged for violating the TikTok’s “community guidelines.”

The teen then directed officers to a bedroom where they found Helen Miller, 19, with a fatal stab wound to her neck, prosecutors said. She was pronounced dead at 4:13 a.m.

Miller is now being charged as an adult for homicide. Cops have not determined a motive, a police official said.

Miller had amassed 22,000 followers on Tiktok before her account was taken down, though it was unclear if news of her arrest had boosted her numbers.

Cops allegedly found Claire Miller in blood-stained pants as she tried to wash her hands in the snow.

Tiktok didn’t immediately return a request for comment Friday.

Per: NYP

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