At least 15 killed in California highway crash involving semi-truck

At least 15 people were killed in a collision between their large SUV and a truck hauling gravel near the Mexican border, officials said.

The horrific crash happened just after 6:15 a.m. local time off Highway 115 in Imperial County, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“We believe there was 27 passengers in this SUV that struck a semi-truck full of gravel,” said Judy Cruz, emergency room managing director at El Centro Regional Medical Center.

Fourteen people were pronounced dead at the scene and 12 passengers were injured in the crash about 10 miles north of the border, according to Cruz. 

A photo of the scene shows a red Ford Expedition t-boned on the driver’s side by a big rig. 

Three people were airlifted from the scene. 

Seven others were taken to El Centro hospital, where one of the passengers died, according to Cruz. 

Two were transferred to Pioneers Hospital, Cruz said. 

Per: NYP

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