Donald Trump‘s got a home outside the GOP if they ditch him in 2024 — namely the American Independent Party … which says he’s their guy, assuming he runs for POTUS again.

AIP chairman Markham Robinson tells us he and his party cohorts are dead set on nominating Trump to head up their ticket for the next presidential race … that is, if Trump decides to have another go at it.

There’s still a lot of time to see how things officially play out, but Markham made clear he and the AIP leaders were more than enthusiastic at Trump’s apparent desire to stay in politics, which he strongly hinted at during his CPAC speech this past weekend.

In Markham’s eyes, DT is the perfect guy to lead their party — for starters, they’re notoriously far-right … and support a limited role in government, tax cuts and are pro-life. Just take a look at his MAGA supporters … and you can see how some see it as a good fit.

The American Independent Party’s first presidential nominee was segregationist George Wallace. Another segregationist, Lester Maddox was also the party’s standard-bearer in the ’70s.

Of course, the AIP also nominated Trump and Pence in 2016 — which Republicans obviously didn’t support, especially in California … the only place they’re currently recognized on the ballot. Markham says they’re working on expanding their reach nationwide, hopefully in time for 2024.TMZ.com

As for whether Trump himself wants any part of Markham and Co. … probably not. He was firm in his remarks at CPAC about sticking with the GOP, saying he wasn’t jumping ship to start his own thing. Presumably, that means he ain’t itching to run over to the AIP either.

We’ve seen this before with these guys … they can nominate whoever the hell they want, even if that person doesn’t publicly agree or acknowledge. Just ask Kanye about that ..

Still, the AIP is there for Trump if Republicans go with another guy (or gal) in 4 years. Always good to have a backup option, right???

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