Man goes berserk over mask rule at Oklahoma sandwich shop

A maskless man was caught on video going berserk at an Oklahoma sandwich shop and calling employees “Nazis” for asking him to put on a face mask.

The unidentified man was in line to order food when he began his bizarre rant at Lee’s Sandwich shop in Oklahoma City Tuesday.

“You’re all Nazis,” the man said, according to a video posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “Call them! I don’t care, try telling them you’re an idiot! You’re a traitor to the country. All of you!”

The man then can be seen walking toward the door when an employee approaches him.

“What are you doing? Are you harassing me?” he yells at the female employee.

“I’m asking you to leave,” she says.

Two men then dash over to the employee to defend her from the anti-masker when he approaches her.

“Relax, relax,” one of the men says.

“She’s approaching me,” he fires back.

The man then leaves the eatery as the video cuts off.

A customer at Lee’s Sandwiches in Oklahoma City flew into a rage for being asked to wear a mask.

The restaurant posted the video with the caption, “You know… it’s tough enough already to stay open and keep the team serving during an unprecedented pandemic.”

“Then there’s humans out in the world like THIS GUY that make it just that much harder.
Anyone recognize this guy? We asked him to wear a mask,” the post read. “Thank you to the amazing customers in the lobby that stepped in to help.”

Per: NYP

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