3 Florida Women Arrested, 1 Still Missing After Being Filmed Attacking Popeyes Employee via Drive-Thru Window

Three Florida women have been arrested by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office for an attack in which a Popeyes employee was hit multiple times via the drive-thru window. All three suspects—Brianna Toombs, age 19; Chloe Arieigha Hernandez, 21; and Joanna Ceidi, 19—hail from West Palm Beach.

The alleged attack happened on Tuesday around 1 p.m. in the nearby town of Lantana. The trio was charged with robbery with a weapon and burglary with assault or battery, according to Local 10 News.

A fourth suspect, also a woman, is yet to be apprehended. 

Deputies say the group, driving in a Nissan Sentra, got into a verbal argument with the Popeyes cashier. Another person in the drive-thru line captured cellphone footage of the chaos (note the slow back-up):

Does anyone recognize these 4 women who attacked employees in the drive thru at Popeyes on Seacrest Blvd around 1pm today? Punches were thrown and one grabbed money from the register. 

The driver, Demarco Quant, told the South Florida Sun Sentinel one of the suspects sprayed an “unknown aerosol” through the window. “I couldn’t walk into the restaurant because everyone was running out coughing,” he said, adding the incident “was a moment I was totally shocked by.”

It’s not clear at this time what the argument was actually about.

Two women from the group are alleged to have spat on the cashier. Police also say two of the women exited the car to attack two other employees inside the Popeyes. One of the women is accused of reaching into the drive-thru window to take cash out of the register.

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