Nude Dubai models identified, face jail time over raunchy photos

Eleven Ukrainian women and a Russian male photographer have reportedly been arrested over the naked photoshoot on a Dubai balcony — as raunchy photos emerged of some of the participants.

Among the charges the group faces is public debauchery for allegedly violating the country’s uber-strict decency laws, the BBC said.

The penalty for the rap is up to six months behind bars and a fine of nearly $1,500.

The hoopla erupted after more than a dozen nude models were photographed standing on a high-rise apartment balcony in the United Arab Emirates city — with salacious snaps of the sexy lineup hitting social media Saturday night and causing a stir.

Some of the models are tattooed social-media sexpots known to pose in barely-there bikinis amid glittering cityscapes.

Some of the Ukrainian models who were photographed nude on a Dubai balcony

The Ukrainian consulate confirmed to the BBC that 11 of its female citizens were detained in the UAE round-up over the steamy balcony photoshoot.

A Russian man who organized the scene — taking footage from a nearby balcony — was arrested, too, the Sun reported, citing Russian news outlets.

He was identified by the Daily Mail as Alexey Konstov, although he has denied having anything to do with the incident.

Model Diana, from Ukraine, has two recognisable tattoos

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