This video is unreal … a white guy drives away from police, dragging an officer and striking him with a hammer, but was NOT shot — all of this unfolding in the same state where Daunte Wright was fatally shot by a cop.

Police in Hutchinson, Minnesota were called to a home improvement store because Luke Alvin Oeltjenbruns refused to wear a mask, and allegedly struck an employee with a piece of lumber before fleeing. Cops eventually chased him down in a mall parking lot.

Cops seemed to have Oeltjenbruns hemmed in — one officer was even clinging to the driver’s side door — but as you see in the video, he rammed 2 police cars and started driving off … with the cop still holding on to his truck!!!

Hutchinson PD says Oeltjenbruns dragged the officer around and hit him in the head with a hammer before coming to a stop. He was arrested for first-degree assault with great bodily harm.

The officer’s reportedly in stable condition.

It’s eerily reminiscent to a December 2020 incident in Ohio when a white suspect refused to get out of his car and twice threatened to shoot the police officer before speeding away. That guy was also chased and arrested.

Both incidents stand in stark contrast to how Daunte was treated on Sunday when now-former cop Kim Potter fatally shot him during a traffic stop over expired tags.

Potter claims she intended to use her Taser, but accidentally fired her handgun. She’s since resigned, and was arrested for second-degree manslaughter. The incident has sparked daily protests in Minnesota.

Per: TMZ

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