The Westminster Police officer seen on video punching a woman has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation. The WPD Internal Affairs Division is also in communication with the Orange County DA’s Office, which will evaluate the officer’s use of force and determine if criminal charges are warranted.

As for what brought cops out in the first place. Cops say they got a call about a female Hispanic adult assaulting an adult Asian woman who had tried to rescue a dog running in the street.

Cops say when they showed up the Hispanic adult exhibited signs of being under the influence and, while waiting for paramedics, the woman was not compliant and she became combative with officers. While trying to control her, a WPD Officer “used force and struck [the woman] two times in the face with his first. Two WPD Officers immediately intervened and deescalated the situation.” The woman was taken to a nearby hospital and later booked into Orange County jail.

The 3 cops criminally charged for not stopping Derek Chauvin from murdering George Floyd may have gotten the attention of a couple of California cops, because they stepped in and stopped a fellow officer who pretty clearly crossed the line by punching a woman.

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Three cops in the O.C. were detaining and/or arresting a woman Wednesday when one of the officers landed a couple of right hooks to her face — something that sure seemed unnecessary and excessive … The other 2 cops clearly felt their colleague crossed the line … they stepped in and stopped their partner from landing more blows, pushing the cop off the handcuffed woman.

It’s fair to wonder if some officers are changing their behavior in the wake of Chauvin’s trial.

As you know, the 3 officers who stood by and watched Chauvin choke the life out of George Floyd — Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao — are facing criminal charges for not intervening.

A rep for the department tells us they’re aware of the video and they’re investigating the incident.

Per: TMZ

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