Color Block Trends

Rainbow colors will instantly catch the eye and draw attention to you. But you want to make sure you are choosing pieces correctly. How do you embrace the color blocking trend without looking like a walking color wheel? Well, we all know that fashion loves boldness, creativity and experiments.

Fashion Blogger Queenie

The main rule of color blocking is to avoid sharp contrasts. The color pair must remain within the same sentiment. Major colors go with major ones, while minors create a beautiful union with minor ones.

The simplest solution is to follow the rule of the “color wheel’. Colors are located in the spectrum and transition from one to another. Colors that lie next to each other on the wheel will be the best to choose to form a color-blocking union. For example, red looks most adventurous with orange or purple (or pink), yellow goes well with light green or mustard, while turquoise with blue or green.

It’s important for beginners to study all the facets of the color spectrum. If you always wear very neutral colors, blacks and whites, don’t rush to dress in rainbow hues. Instead, start with a pair of complementary hues, such as blue with dark blue, pink with red, or lilac with purple to start with.

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