Tropical Plus Colorful Prints

I know it’s been a while but running a store is a lot of work. I will try to be more consistent with Queenie’s Closet, I promise. I will post at least once every two weeks. Okay, so let’s talk about Tropical Prints.

Fashion Blogger Queenie

Tropical prints are perfect for a vacation day at the beach! If you are not going anywhere with this look, you can simply wear it as an outfit for the day because tropical print is extremely eye-catching and people will definitely notice you. Go for this kind of look if you are looking for something different. It’s very stylish and sophisticated.

What I wore: Franz Floral Two Split maxi dress sold at The Garment Hive in two colors (red & green). One look I added a fuchsia Classic Fedora hat, clear trendy heels, a chain fuchsia handbag and some statement jewelry. And the other look I just added a white handbag, multi-colored sandals and a statement necklace. (see the pics)

And by the way, colorful clothing gives off positive energy to everyone you come in contact with. Just try and see what happens.

Fashion Blogger Queenie

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